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Nothing beats Versa Lift for safe, easy overhead storage!

Versa Lift

Versa Lift Demo

VersaLift is the ultimate solution to your storage problems. Now you can keep your home and garage neat by sending storage items into the attic and out of sight with push-button ease!

Living the good life, you accumulate many useful items that inevitably begin filling up your garage. So, how you canorganize it all? You can stack it, rack it or hang it from the ceiling, but your garage will still look and feel cluttered! Only the VersaLift lets you to store everything out of sight and bring it back in seconds whenever you need it! Other storage systems can’t give you easy access to hidden attic storage space. Only the VersaLift can!

VersaLift eliminates the danger of carrying storage items up steep, shaky ladders. You need only press a switch on the hand-held remote to magically transport heavy loads either to or from the attic... It’s so easy, VersaLift actually makes organizing and storage fun!

In flood-prone areas Versa Lift will quickly move your irreplaceable documents, photos, and cherished possessions to your attic, the highest place in your home and the last place to be reached and damaged by rising water!

The Versa Lift is also perfect for homes with elevated living quarters, such as split-levels, coastal homes, and homes with basement living rooms. The Versa Lift eliminates the constant need to carry groceries, laundry, tools, portable appliances, firewood and other heavy items up and down your stairs!

How It Works

how it works

The Versa Lift electric storage lift is designed to move cargo between adjacent floors. The lift’s power head mounts over an opening in the upper floor. When ascending, the lifting platform automatically stops level with the upper floor. When descending, the lifting platform automatically stops upon contacting the lower floor. The remote control switch operation is momentary and the motor brake is applied instantly whenever the switch is released. The platform assembly includes a spring biased door panel that automatically covers the underside of the opening whenever the platform is fully raised. This door is self-adjusting for joists up to 18” in height and can easily be sealed with common weatherstripping.




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  • Corded Remote
Corded Remote
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Mounted Wall Switch
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Wireless Remote

Storage Solutions

  • Machinery
  • Coolers
  • Tires
  • Without Versa Rail
  • Corded Remote
  • Attic View
  • Lifts 200 Lbs
  • Tools